Foundation wall repair

The house in this picture did not have weeping tile. Abalon repaired the concrete wall.

All excavation is done by hand. The soil is dug out in 1 foot layers. Excavation by hand minimizes any property damage. Abalon protects all landscaping.

When excavation exceeds 1.2 meters or if soil conditions require it, we use shoring.

After excavation, wall must be cleaned with scrapers and brushes.

Wall is chipped, caulked, grouted and damp proofed. We use all recycled materials.

Damp proofing is allowed to dry.

Foundation wrap may be required sometimes.

Shoring makes the job more difficult but is necessary to keep the workers safe.

Wrap and weeping tile are installed once wall dries.

During inclement weather, soil is covered to prevent from getting wet or frozen.

Washed rock is used to filter water entering the weeping tile system.

At the end, the work area gets backfilled.