Historical foundation restorations

This sandstone wall is falling apart and needs to be repointed and waterproofed from the exterior.
In this picture we can see the damage that water can cause to a sandstone wall.
This porch had to be totally rebuilt. Foundation,columns ,Balustrades, stairs etc.
this porch had to be underpinned using Helical piles. Walls repointed and balustrades and stairs rebuilt.

Here is a repaired wall. It is very important to use the proper motars, In this case we used a lime based mortar.

This copula wall was rebuilt some stones had to be replaced also Jahn M70 historical mortar repair was used.

This is the rebuilt front wall balustrades and stairs. The patina was left on the stones. as not to change the carector of the house.

This is the completelly rebuilt front porch which included the foundation, walls columns , balustrades and steps.

These two houses are side by side in the elbow park area of Calgary.