Column and pad

This system is usually used for lighter structures such as porches, decks, etc.

A concrete pad is poured below the frost line and a concrete column is then poured on top of the pad to support the structure.
This commercial building was sinking due to changing soil conditions.
Abalon mobilized on site with all the shoring materials prior to start.
Concrete steps had to be removed and recycled.
All locations were hand excavated to the bottom of the frost wall. Soil was placed on plywood to protect landscaping.

Every location to receive a support concrete column and pad was shored.

Excavation continued past footing.

A Soils Engineer performed daily inspections and indicated finished pad elevation.

Protection from inclement weather was set up.

Pads and columns were formed.

Reinforcing steel was used as specified by structural engineers.

Steel had to be tied carefully.

Forms were closed in.

Concrete was poured.

Concrete was allowed to dry and forms were removed.

All column and pads were inspected.

Backfill began.

Yes it snowed.

Backfill was done by hand.

Tamping was done in lifts.

More backfill.

More snow.

Project was completed.